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I love dogs.   They are my favorite animal. I had four different dogs when I was growing up: Nangerine, Finef, Kali, and Tiki. That’s a picture of me with Kali.   I was 11 years old. I loved all my dogs, but I guess Kali...

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Happy Beach Review

I’m really excited to share a new children’s music CD that was just released entitled Happy Beach by Perry Springman. What is really cool about this CD is that he recorded it with his 4 children, ages 11 down to 5 years! I love...

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Mom’s Heart Happy Beach CD Review

Of my three older children, my preschooler especially loves music.  She sings all the time, we must sing and dance around the house regularly, she will gladly listen to music as she falls asleep, and she begs for her songs in the car.  I...

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